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the welcoming girl walking toward house quilt

This art quilt is called "The Welcoming."  I hope you will feel welcome to share your life with me and lift it to a new level of love for the Earth and connection to the heavens. You may begin anytime at the level you are ready to pursue right now. 

A joyful life is not about gaining control of the factors that surround you.  A joyful life is about coming into alignment with who you are."                                                                                             Abraham/Esther Hicks.

Tell me your story...
Going through a major life change?  Looking for a fresh way to process everything that is going on?  Sometimes your rich, inner soul life can become overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a fast-paced culture. You are "too busy" to keep life working the way you had planned.
Then, life presents you with a "stop the world" situation.  It could be positive, such as falling in love, getting the dream job or moving to the place you always wanted to live.  Or, it could be painful, such as loss of someone you love.  Often, it is a mixture of both sadness and joy.
It is in these times that the Universe is calling for a "system upgrade." 
That is another way of saying you will be making some new response patterns because the old ones no longer fit the situation.  This is where I can help.
We will explore together how you would like to make your life change turn into a story with a happy ending and a new beginning.  Through art, story and taking a look at the space, flow and consciousness in your home, we will remove obstacles to your well-being and fuel your psyche with fresh images and inspirations that will glide you into the life you desire.

To explore your taking part in my private mentoring program or to arrange a one hour consultation or channeling by phone or in person, contact Carol Bridges by email:

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