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Upon registration in the Beyond Loss to a Blessed Life program, you may continue to receive Carol's guidance and inspiration either by phone from anywhere in the world or in person at Nine Harmonies School in Nashville, Indiana, USA.


Consultations are $597 for 6 sessions. Email Carol at to arrange your appointment time.


Empowered Woman Testimonial: Carol has guided my way to move out of feeling victimized by life to feeling empowered and able to respond to what comes my way. She helped me to move through a shattering divorce (and depression) and now I no longer am caught in my anger and grief. She's my go to person when I am facing big challenges. Wendy Allen, Artist and Therapist, Springfield, IL







Empowred Woman Testimonial: Following the birth of my child, I realized that I had a lot of issues regarding the loss of my own mother. I was so afraid of not being there for my own child that I became an anxious mess and would have panic attacks as I tried to fall asleep. Carol was able to help me start to process those feelings of fear of loss by grieving for the loss of my mother and then moving on to cherish and be with my own baby without fear. I cherish that experience as a huge step forward and am very grateful to Carol for guiding me through it and giving me the space to grieve like I have never allowed myself to do before.  Kristina Wiltsee Meeker, Nashville, IN








Empowered Woman Testimonial: Carol's carefully-planned processes have helped me put events into perspective and grow as a person in several ways. She has a way of facilitating the process so that you are doing your individual work at your own pace (don't worry - she won't let you stall too long!). Rather than teaching you "how-to's," you are guided by this tender, yet strong, leader to get you through the challenges you are facing, obtaining remarkable results.  Kate Trnka, Wisconsin







Empowered Woman Testimonial: With Carol's guidance, encouragement, and creative way of looking at life, I was able to downsize from a 5 acre farm, streamline my business, hire additional staff, and make some necessary adjustments in my relationship with my partner of 13 years. We can now enjoy more leisure time together, have almost no debt, and I now own the tiny cabin I longed to have. The transition was difficult at times, but I have less stress and more of what is truly important to me. Time to savor life! Thank you, Carol; I could not have done it without you. Kim M., Kentucky







Empowered Woman Testimonial: Carol Bridges has been stunningly helpful as a transformational dhoula, helping me identify and resolve out-of-date and undesirable patterns and perceptions. She is flexible andpractical with the wide range of tools and practices that she uses. Her repertoire is grounded in nature and far ethereal reaches. Cynthia Bretheim, Bloomington, IN.










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Life is a journey. When loss happens, you are on a road that you have not traveled before. It is comforting to have a guide who knows the way. 



Empowered Woman Testimonial: Twelve years ago, my son died suddenly at 16 years old, and I was in a state of deep sorrow and in so much pain. I went to the USA to meet Carol for the first time. I took a personal healing course she designed for me, and I stayed for a few days receiving her mentoring and support. I know that Crol's assistance helped me to be able to function and enjoy life after the death of my son.

   Carol is a wise woman and is ready, willing and able to mentor othres through their path in life. I still seek Carol's wisdom and teachings through her books and online courses, and I thank Carol for being so available to share her knowledge.  Patti Jenner, Canada

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There is a place for you. You are alive and still acquiring wisdom that the world dearly needs. Our ways of communication have changed, but our need for your loving kindness has not. Let me help you develop your gifts so that they can be passed on with joyous abandon.

"If not now, when?"

Attention women trying to rebuild your life after loss.


Discover the amazing transformative

ancient 5 Step Process

that quickly removes any emotional burdens

allowing you to finally live

a wildly satisfying life

starting this very month!


My Beyond Loss to a Blessed Life program

will help you tap the power that will have you loving each day, sleeping peacefully every night and attracting people who will enthusiastically support you as you learn to express the full range of who you truly are. 


Because of my serene and satisfying life right now, many people don't realize how many losses I have been through. Starting with a "near death experience" at the birth of my second child, after divorce raising my three children while working and going to college, the trauma of my children moving away, one suffering from a severe handicap, death of my beloved partner of 27 years and a week later, death of my mother. All of these situations included changes in homes, jobs and financial well-being. I have had to re-invent myself over and over again, though, as you will learn, there is a strong core in each of us that is invincible.


A serious whiplash injury started my healing quest which led to my being trained by masters of ancient healing methods that totally transformed my life. I found talents I never knew I had, became a respected author, artist and teacher and am thrilled to still be completely healthy at 70+. I am excited to share these remarkable master teachings with you in my step-by-step program developed over 40 years of helping others. You can get here from where you are, and I will show you how.




Let's face it, when your dreams have been suddenly shattered

  • you feel abandoned

  • the ways you are used to coping no longer work

  • your friends tire of hearing your sad story

  • sometimes you think it would be easier to die than go on


and that is just for starters

  • when you try to "think positive" you soon fall back into old negative pattern

  • you can't focus on work or responsibilities

  • there is no joy left in your house


You start wishing for the magic transformation,

  • someone to come along and lead the way,

  • someone to listen and care deeply,

  • someone who has been through similar circumstances and can bring a sense that there is a deeper meaning to your situation which will shift your awareness to a new level of understanding


Lift your confusion about what to do next right now!


This proven system combines ancient traditions with the latest brain/body research and it will change your life forever.  


Even if you think your problem or situation is way worse than any of mine, I know you can benefit from my program. I believe your spark of intention to transform brought you here to re-kindle your passion for life. Perhaps nothing you have tried has worked before, but I believe you are about to change that. I have witnessed many miracles in my own life and the lives of others. You are about to receive a once-in-a-lifetime blessing. 



In this program you will learn:







Module 1 - Find Your Spark. You will re-establish yourself in life's natural creative cycle, gaining the support of Mother Earth's constantly renewing force. You will discover the spiritual presence that automatically presents itself as soon as you synchronize again with nature's renewal pattern. I will teach you how.


You will see how this planetary force and spiritual presence immediately brings a sense of happiness and well-being so that you can relax, sleep peacefully again and wake up with a smile on your face.







Module 2 -  Stand Your Ground. You will discover that you still have an important place in the world. You will let go of possessions that weigh you down, start enjoying your space again and create a luscious private sanctuary with room to grow light-hearted as you focus on things you love. My step-by-step program guides your way.


You will learn how to set clear boundaries and break free of limiting family patterns so that your focus is not undermined. I will even tell you how to activate each person's individual success patterns. 







Module 3 - Uncover the Treasures. Through guided meditations you will dive deep and find the inner treasures that have been hidden under your burden of responsibilities. You will uncover new creative tools and try your hand at expressing yourself in ways you never thought you could. The tools you need are here.


You will learn how to turn your disappointments into wisdom and art and may find yourself singing, dancing, writing and being playful even if you have never been this way before.







Module 4 - Wade Into the Flow. You will learn to tap the higher power of your imagination and allow a new guiding vision for your future to emerge. You will transcend the worry about ultimate security as your trust for life's amazing gifts develops. A strong current of appreciation will permeate you, and you will find surprising benefits coming your way. 







Module 5 -  Reach for the Sky.  You will have made it across the sea of tears, leaving confusion behind. You will have a new vision of where you are going in the next portion of your life. You will feel safe and secure in yourself once again and ready to tackle the details of refining your skills that will make your life interesting and fulfilling once again. 


You will open to receive further benefits of your heritage which will result in strengthening those qualities you hold dear in yourself. You will be able to make decisions that help you to gather wealth in your terms and build the life you have always wanted. You will see that increased health coincides with all that you have accomplished in modules one through four and enjoy rest and vitality as you continue your practices.







Module 6 - Rekindle Your Passion.  By the time you reach Module 6, you will feel vibrantly alive again. Friends will be telling you how great you are looking lately. You will have lost the weight of feeling like a victim. Oftentimes, people lose excess body weight as well.


If you have lost a close loved one, I will teach you how to continue to be in contact with that person in a way that is right for you. Even though you may still be able to access your grief over your loss, you will notice that each day you are loving a bit more than you are grieving. People who care for who you have become will again be drawn to you.


You will create special places designed to stimulate intimate sharing and design daily pleasure rituals with the scents and sounds that put you in your happiest state. Your welcome gate will open only to those exact people who enhance your new life.




We women are too often undervalued once we no longer fit into society's limiting views on beauty, age, sexuality, career and relationship models. Things may have worked a little easier when you were "hot stuff" or had a solid husband or a high-powered job, but when the people and things you counted on are suddenly gone, it seems there is no longer a clear path. 


Beyond Loss to a Blessed Life is changing that right now!







What is it worth to you to discover your true beauty, find new talents, polish the gems of wisdom I help you uncover, open to a fantastic vision for the next years of your life, set sail to new territories of adventure, both inner and outer, and re-kindle the flames of love so that you now find it all around you, and can take your pick of relationships that compliment who you truly are?







You have my no hassle, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't find Beyond Loss to a Blessed Life program empowering you I will immediately refund your money. You are in charge.



P.S.  You have two choices. One, do nothing. Life will remain as it has been. Two, take this step as if you were 17. Science has proven that when you feel young, hormones change, DNA changes, your brain changes. All it takes right now is one click to get Beyond Loss to a Blessed Life.



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