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elder woman being crowned in ceremony in nature

"Crowning of a Living Goddess" quilt by Carol Bridges

If there is one thing that is sure to happen in life, it is the experience of loss. Whether that is the loss of a loved one, a home, a career, or a bodily function, it is a challenging time. Please accept my love during these times. I have put together two courses to help you, one to honor the departed loved one, another to assist you in starting a new life segment. Check them out here:

Crowning Times


Crowning Times are sometimes referred to as Cronings, celebrations of age and wisdom.   I have been doing what I call "The Heat of the Living Goddess" retreats for over twenty years.  I respect the wisdom of ancient female deities, yet see us as the current embodiment of the Great Goddess, the female energy of Creation.  As the retreat takes place in summer, the temperature is often hot.  Also, at this time on the Earth, we as women face the heat of many challenges.  In this three to five day event, we gather as a group of up to thirteen women to nurture ourselves and celebrate our experiences.  


Each woman brings food to share as well as poetry, songs, art or other "show and tell" items of her current interest.  During the day, each one has a time on the Goddess Throne where she is crowned and given a staff or other magical gift.  She is then in charge and can request whatever she wishes from the group.  It is not often in our lives that we get to share our deeper selves as the center of everyone's attention.  Here, we can.


In this Clan of Encouragement, sometimes a woman wants helpful insights on a life situation.  Sometimes she wishes to be sung to, massaged, blessed with compliments for who she truly is or just listened to and acknowledged as she expresses her heart.  When she feels complete she passes on her staff and crown. 


In the evenings, we feast and dance and sing around the campfire.  Each day there are also spontaneous activities based on the common issues and needs of the group.  We swim, walk, nap, talk, and do as the spirit moves us to do.  Our days deepen our experience of the timeless space where love easily flows and our true selves are honored.


It takes our age of wisdom to know the importance of this space and allow this time to be our full, spiritual selves to make it all happen. I hope you have a circle of friends that will help you celebrate your age and wisdom. Click the Earth and Spirit Ceremonies button below for inspiration.



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