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Earth & Spirit Ceremonies


Our church is the land. Mother Earth is our temple. In our current era in America, most of us are blends of many ways of living. My training has been with Native American medicine people, Chinese feng shui masters and South American shaman as well as having been raised in the Catholic tradition.  I have found that the foundation of all of these traditions is love and respect for all living beings.  That includes our Mother Earth.  


Now that we are becoming conscious of our connection to all people and all places, we see more clearly how we must come again into a more gentle way of living upon the planet.  Here are some of the ways we have made prayers for the planet. We have no dogma other than respect for all life. Your heart will guide your way.

Winter * Night * the deep, dark inward time

Great Spirit of the North, we give thanks for your blessings. We journey inside in this time of year to look deeply within ourselves, to review our life's direction, to rest, dream and plan. We re-align ourselves with the primal dream of Mother Earth, the dream of paradise which she has planted in every consciousness, and we pledge to do our part in this coming year. Thus, we have spoken.

small pond and flowers
Spring * Morning * the time of bursting forth

Great Spirit of the East, we give thanks for your blessings.  We feel, once again, the rising energy everywhere outside and inside ourselves.  We thank you for the inspiration we feel as we observe the green sprouts growing and the flowering of your beautiful plants. We open to this uprising energy which helps us to take new steps, try new things, and experience life afresh once again. Thus, we have spoken.

green garden plants in greenhouse
Summer * High Noon * the time of full sun, heat, and growth 

Great Spirit of the South, we give thanks for you blessings.  We work in the splendor of your time of vibrant life coming into its fullness. We feel our own determination and strength to move forward and appreciate all of the experiences you provide for us in this beautiful season. Thus, we have spoken.

colorful fall trees
Fall * Evening * the time of harvest and giving thanks

Great Spirit of the West, we give thanks for your blessings. We gratefully gather all that you have provided for us to share with our family and friends. We celebrate this bounty and the wisdom we have gained throughout this year of time. May all who are hungry be nourished by our offerings. Thus, we have spoken.


Indigenous people honor the place in which they dwell. As you look around your own landscape in each direction, your prayers will see some presentation of earth, air, fire and water, some particular animals, and some weather particular to your area.  Allow your prayers to honor what is before you. This is the ancient way... the way of seeing yourself in relationship to all that is. In this way, we recognize our place in the scheme of things and affirm our responsibility for that which is before us. 


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