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woman making art quilt in studio

Clicking on the button above will take you to my quilt site where I invite you to take a magical journey through the pictures I have made with cloth. My purpose is to spread images of loving kindness everywhere I can to counter the media glut of discord and violence. I hope you will place one of my guiding and uplifting works in your home and workplace to help seed the consciousness of the world with ideas for positive action.

Like the girl sitting by the river in my quilt on the right, I hope you will also go outside to experience the created world. Focus on anything alive for a mere 30 seconds, take a deep breath, and see what you have been missing.


In many spiritual traditions, expressing yourself through art is considered to be the major healing force.  I wholeheartedly agree!  I have witnessed many miraculous changes occur after doing artwork with intention.


In my own life and the lives of clients, I have seen relationships mended, neighborhood problems cleared up, and long held dreams come true after creating something as simple as a paper image collage.


I work with my students through meditative and soul-sharing exercises to bring the necessary clarity, then we re-do the inner story you have been telling yourself.  Results are more powerful than you can imagine.


I also work with cloth, collaging images from fabric.  I call my art quilts "enchanted" because I invite the Spirit into the creation. I want the quilt to energize you every time you look at it. "Pause. Receive blessings." is my mantra whenever I see something beautiful.  I hope you will do the same.



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