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woman and child in light rays through woodland trees

"In the Forst of Mother Love" quilt by Carol Bridges.

In my course, Views of the Possible, Secrets to Happiness Your House Can Reveal, you will learn to make room for the life you really want.


Module 1 - House Belly, How to Give Birth to a Nourishing Home


Module 2 - Meeting Your Magical Presence, From Mindfulness to Miracles


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Giving Birth


If you want to have a baby, nothing can stop you.  If you want to create anything, nothing can stop you.  The best way to assure the truth of these statements is to make sure your creation is something which you desire with 100% of your energy.  There may be obstacles, but with 100% commitment to your desire, you will find a way.


We are infinitely creative beings.  All obstacles can be overcome once you are feeling a deep "yes" to the experience.  Deep heartfelt desire, the kind that brings tears to your eyes and a flutter to your heart, lets you know this creative experience is worth whatever efforts it will take to succeed.  And you may succeed in ways you did not imagine.


Often pregnancy is unplanned.  Becoming pregnant without wanting to do so will bring up fears and, perhaps, very legitimate reasons to end the pregnancy or give the child to be adopted.  These can be wise choices if you feel incapable of meeting the challenges that caring for another life will bring.  Letting go is also a creation.  It sets your life on a different path.  


If you are in a mixed state of partial fear, partial desire, now is the time to deeply review your long-held dreams for your life and how you might achieve them with a child.  How have others achieved their "best life" dream with their children?  How have children sometimes enhanced those dreams?  Find a fantasy that allows each member of your family to play a part in your dream for yourself.  Keep refining your vision until you feel that 100% emotional "yes."


It is then that you will have tapped into your core of personal power and will automatically find everything it takes to meet any challenges which may arise.  Birth is a process, a beautiful, evolving, developing, expanding self merging with another self.  You are both changing a little each day.  Take the time to rest in the possible realities you are beginning to create together.


You are in a very intimate partnership now.  Creating a human being is, of course, the most mysterious and powerful of creations, but even creating a work of art travels a similar path from excitement through fears to development into the birthing moment of fulfillment.  Give yourself a rest at this completion.  


Next will come minute-by-minute information flowing through your consciousness as you meet the needs of the day.  Every idea is a gift and, in time, you will choose among these gifts and begin a new gestation that will carry you and your family forward into the refinement of your humanness.

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