Maiden, Mother & Wise Woman

are all alive in you, the Living Goddess

My Live Like a Goddess program

will help you tap the power that will have you loving each day, sleeping peacefully every night and attracting people who will enthusiastically support you as you learn to express the full range of who you truly are. 

I'm Carol Bridges. I remember the first time I read a magazine that used the pronoun "she" throughout its articles. It was the first time I felt that I was being recognized as a person. That was back in 1970. Since then, with the help of many living goddesses, I have recognized Her in myself and in the planetary life around me.  This indwelling goddess is not about religion or dogma. She is about Earth and Self.  She goes through all of life's changes and challenges celebrating birth, death and the passionate creative dance we do in between. 

She is the me that experienced near death during childbirth, the ups and downs of mothering, loss of loved ones, listening to the longings of my soul and learning to make art of my life as a writer, artist, teacher and spiritual guide for women worldwide through my books and courses. There is a strong core in each of us that is invincible. I call her the Living Goddess. I want you to meet her right inside yourself.

Unveiling the Living Goddess, you will find:

  • effervescent energy is uncorked

  • more gets done with fewer hassles

  • your voice takes on an element of authority

  • people begin to recognize your true talents

  • old sadness transforms into wisdom 

  • love happens

There is a Goddess deep inside.

All sorrows and all joys are Her tools of creation.

In this program you will create your new life story of success in all major life endeavors.

I. The Living Goddess. Three free sessions to help you place yourself on the path to becoming your fully blossoming self.

II. Home Re-imagined. Ten sessions on aligning your life with the positive world changes that are happening right now acrosss the planet.

III. Views of the Possible. 12 sesions teaching you how to create a home which nourishes your soul and showing you how to invite a Magical Presence into every aspect of your life. 

IV. The Five Elements of Transformation. Six sessions on working with nature to transform grief and disappointment.

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