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Live Like a Goddess

through every life endeavor


I invite you to take part in one of my introductory courses listed on the online courses page. Many of the courses are free.

Click on any of the images below according to your current life situation. You will be led to a brief explanation and an introduction to  the online course resource.


Each course is designed to start you quickly on the path of becoming a fully-empowered woman who lives her art and does her part for the well-being of our planet Earth.


To work with me in my private mentoring program, email me at Private by phone or in-person channeling appointments are also available.

All courses and private sessions are open to men as well.

Major Life Endeavors
image of lovers kiss
"The existence loves you, otherwise you would not be here."  Osho

     Your joining with another in deep love is a very special occasion to be celebrated at all levels of life.  We will explore your vision and values and move through blocks to your experience of safe and supportive intimacy. We start with The Splendor of Love, Treats & Secrets Your Bedroom Holds.

image of enchanted house
"Observe everything.  Analyze.  Choose that which brings more bliss.  Discard all that brings tension, anxiety, anguish and hell to you."  Osho

     Utilizing the ancient art of feng shui, principles of placemaking and interior design as well as timeless spiritual principles, I help you design a home and work space that really Supports Your Life Dream. You learn the effect of space, flow and consciousness on your surroundings and the effect of all of your "stuff" on how you feel each day. See Views of the Possible.

image of goddess in radiant circle
"The desires of your personality are always met when they are the same as the needs of your soul."  Gary Zukav

     I assist you in planning a career based on the things you truly love doing. This begins with arranging your home and workplace for Maximum Enjoyment of Your Work Time so that you can efficiently deliver your wisdom to the world and make money doing so. Take my course: Daybreak, How to Quit Your Day Job and Live by Your Art.

"Emotion in itself is not unhappiness.  Only emotion plus an unhappy story is unhappiness."  Eckhart Tolle
image of child asleep

    You will learn how to look, listen and allow the Divine Flow to work through your inner, as well as your external, environment.  You will energize your body's natural healing response and empower your wellness journey as you make subtle shifts in your home, putting yourself back in charge of your ongoing optimal health.  Spin Your Story, End Your Struggle here.

radiant heart


"God is omnipresent, but God must be recognized because it is the conscious recognition of the spirit of God that makes it become manifest as the form necessary at the moment."  Joel Goldsmith

     Whether you are giving birth to a child or re-birthing yourself, you willI learn to hold the space of holy readiness with a strong presence of peace. Everyone deserves to be welcomed into life as a miraculous gift. You have something to offer this world. Take this Live Your Art Nine Day Fling if you have forgotten what that is. Prepare for easy delivery from the everpresent womb of life into Your New Reality.

image of elder woman being crowned


"We are really alive when we live as simply as that - open, waiting, trusting, and loving to do what appears in front of us now."  Byron Katie

     Coming of Age ceremonies, Re-birthdays, Cronings, Travel Blessings, and Memorials of all kinds can be enhanced by ceremonies of place you will learn to design in my courses. You will discover how to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary in your home, workplace and community to enhance every occasion.

bridge to magical land


"An adventure in which nothing goes wrong is merely a vacation."  Martha Beck

     Whether leaving a place, a job, a partner or experiencing a sense of loss from any life event, you will learn to uncover the deeper meaning of your feelings and find ways of moving through the situation with equanimity. Start here with my courses The Grief Gateway and Beyond Loss to a Blessed Life.

image of stairway to heaven


"Nostalgia, guilt, boredom, regret and blame all indicate that we are living old stories and not refreshing ourselves in the fountain of infinite renewal, where our new stories begin each moment."  Eckhart Tolle

If you still deeply feel the loss of a loved one, my free session, The Grief Gateway, How to Create a Tribute to Your Lost Loved One, can help you overcome regrets and realize your attainments. You may also experience a renewed communication with your ascended loved one as you begin to recognize the Presence in All Things.

black earth goddess


"When you stop thinking that things have a past or a future, and that they come or go, then in the whole universe there won't be a single atom that is not your own treasure."  Ho-dai

     You will find your own special ways of honoring Earth and Spirit based on your increasingly Intimate Relationship to Nature and the God-in-All-Being. Common among those who complete my Training Programs is an intense passion for caretaking Mother Earth and a deep sense of awe for all living things.  Chants, dance and mystical rituals often become part of our spiritual practice and our professions. 

     My course Re-imagining Home, Your Soul in Place, brings you into deep relationship with the home of the God Who Loves You providing easy-to-see messages from your soul.

image of pine trees reflected in pond


In my meditative state, I am in contact with ascended masters who are dedicated to giving you the highest perspective on your life conditions. 

     In our appointment, you will be able to ask any questions regarding life experiences you have had or wish to have. How to deal with the state of the world as it affects your life can also be addressed. Nothing is "off limits" when speaking with these Beings of Limitless Love. Though sometimes there are messages left by one's deceased relatives, I am not a medium who gives voice to them as the person you once knew. I allow only the highest Guiding Ones to speak through me. Call 812-318-8583 to set up an appointment.

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