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how to make your house work for you

"One Magic Morning"

detail of quilt by Carol Bridges

A Soul In Place, Reclaiming Home As Sacred Space by Carol Bridges is now available as a downloadable PDF file. 250 pages of inspiration on how your home can support your life. Click on the button above for details. 

Make Your Home a Living Prayer


Hire your house.  She will work for free.


If your house were an employee, would you be firing her right now?  Has she supported your life goals or hindered you along the way?  Is she a comforter, an efficient secretary, a good cook?  Have you given her the tools she needs to really do her job well?


What would those tools be?  You were probably intuiting answers as you read the questions.  Start responding to those inner prompts.  Get rid of at least one bag of stuff which is no longer useful on your present life path.  That could be old magazines, clothes, excess pots and pans, file folders, anything.  Don't save for the life you don't ever want to be living.  Do save the things you would love to have on vacation or while enjoying time with your loved one and things that inspire and allow you to do your creative work.


That will probably keep you busy until you get my advanced lessons in my online course, Views of the Possible, Secrets to Happiness Your House Can Reveal. Meanwhile, continue to daydream about the good life you will be having once your house (your new employee) is actually working for you at full capacity. 


The world is in the process of immense change at every level, calling us to be super-creative in solving problems and coming up with undreamed-of solutions. Our minds and dwelling places all need de-cluttering so that fresh views can happen.  Let these words guide you:  Small changes.  Continuous improvement. Pause. Receive blessings.


In-your-home consultations are available within 20 miles of Nashville, Indiana, USA.


A consultation is a very in-depth experience which includes:

  • talking together to reveal your true desires

  • envisioning nine major areas of your life and how they are affected by your home, land and neighborhood

  • viewing each room of your home and land to see how it might support your life purposes

  • discussing changes that may clear and uplift your spaces


This initial session can take 1 to 2 hours. Then, we will allow an agreed-up0n period of time for you to make any changes to your environment and me to do the spiritual practices necessary to align with the spirit of your home and land so that all is in agreement with your choices.

It is required that you are either alone or with a close loved one with whom we can easily share all of our discussion. No spectators. This allows us to speak at soul level.


During the time between our sessions, I request permission from the Guiding Ones of your own spiritual tradition to work with your home and all who dwell there. I ask them to translate all changes and ceremonies I perform using the practices of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui as taught by Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun into words and actions that are in agreement with your personal spiritual understanding. I then let you know what I have learned, and we schedule a second appointment.


My fee is $900 which is traditionally offered to me in 9 red envelopes using both of your hands when presenting them to me with words of thanksgiving when I arrive at our first session. This simple gesture is an honoring of all the spirits who will be working with us to align your home to a higher frequency of love and abundance in the ways you request.

It is helpful for you to have taken my Views of the Possible online course before your appointment.

Call Carol at 812-318-8583 for an appointment. Please leave a message as my cell phone will not recognize your phone number unless you do so.

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