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Carol Bridges' Online Courses and Books


Golden Fire Oracle online course

Online course with personal guidance from Carol Bridges.

This course includes a copy of the Golden Fire Oracle deck and book and takes you through the 21 major arcana cards with online access to Carol's help with questions and concerns you have as you implement the lessons into your life. You get direct guidance in her personal response.

New 78 card tarot deck with 76 page book designed to assist those over 50 in breaking through the cultural paradigm of aging. 

All of the images are Carol Bridges' art quilts depicting experiences we encounter as our body/mind/spirit passes through the specific concerns of health, wealth, family and passions. Guidance arises from Carol's 77 years of life as an artist and Soul In Place Guide distilling the wisdom of her many teachers and personal lessons learned.

Become a World-changing Artist, without galleries, agents or high-tech expertise.

No matter what your art form is, you can activate it life-affirming effect. Get my free Artist Blueprint and three session introduction.

This is where we begin in my Live Like a Goddess Now program. This free three session course starts your journey of conscious recognition of your Self as a Living Goddess.

Unveiling the Goddess Within uncorks your effervescent life energy no matter what age or stage of life you are in allowing you to successfully embrace your sexuality, love relationships and ability to pass on the wisdom you have acquired. 

A Woman's Guide to Her Unique Powers.

Totally positive images to catapult your life to a new level of love and joy. Thousands of women of power and men with heart have used this book and deck as a daily spiritual guide through all of life's challenges. 

How to Quit Your Day Job and Live by Your Art. This course prepares the way through collage and guided meditation audios.

Tired of boring routine and longing to set yourself free? In just a few weeks, you can build the foundation for a life you will love. 

Engage life * live your love * feel the juice

Learn how to create a new business or develop the job you have so that it meets your true needs and satisfies your soul. 

Learn how to untangle the stories that underlie your life struggles.

Feeling like life just doesn't work out like you wish it would? Usually, there is a story you have been telling yourself for so long you believe it is true. You may have the facts right, but there is something in the story that is tripping you up. Take this quick course to unbind the energy that is stuck.

This recently expanded course helps you to Become a World-changing Artist, but brings all of the other areas of your life into alignment with your art - that thing you love doing. 

Re-awaken your love for life by knowing and doing what you love. Permission for fun granted here

Hoping for a wildly satisfying life of earthly delights while awakening to higher spiritual experiences?

Continuing my Live Like a Goddess Now Program, in these 11 lessons, you receive specific methods for activating the magic of your own home. I show you how others have made amazing changes in their good fortune by simple techniques you can quickly implement.

Learn how to read the messages your own home is giving you and re-arrange your space so that it assists you in achieving your soul's goals.

This 10 lesson course continues your training in my Live Like a Goddess Now Program. Here we set up your home to be a welcoming place for Divine Energy and a transmitter of love to all.

The Five LOVEstyles of the Living Goddess

Do you long to be seen and appreciated for who you truly are? Are you sometimes confused about a loved one's style of loving, misjudging it for not being loved at all? Here's why. This 5 lesson course continues your training in how to Live Like a Goddess Now.

Take heart as I lead you step-by-step to understanding five different styles of giving and receiving love.

Activate your pleasure magnets now in three easy steps.

Whether you are wanting to find a mate, shift to a new level of satisfaction with the one you love or open the door to higher consciousness, you will discover quick and easy ways to create a sensuous environment that invites abundant love in constant supply!

This online course takes you into a new phase of life after a major transition.

Discover the amazing five step process that quickly removes any emotional burdens allowing you to live a wildly satisfying life starting this very month!

If you have a loved one who has transcended this life and wish to honor your connection to your beloved, this course will assist you. 

Practice the time-honored traditions which make art of our soul's desires.

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