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Carol Bridges Herstory

     You may come to know me best by reading a poem that gives you a feeling for some of the thoughts and emotions that have inspired my work over the years or seeing me in my studio.  


     My Catholic childhood was a good beginning for giving me a sense of the possibility of communication with the divine.  It planted the seed that God is in all things, everywhere, always.


     As an adult, I studied with Sun Bear, Ojibway medicine man, and Dhyani Yahoo, Cherokee medicine woman.  They supplied the missing pieces that did not seem to be part of many religious traditions...a living spiritual connection to the Earth.  With the help of many teachers, I began to acquire practices that helped me to feel connected to Spirit in Place.


     My studies continued, expanding into social psychology, environmental design, art, counseling, women's issues and alternative lifestyles.  In 1976, I founded, with three friends, The Clearing School of the Healing Arts in Iowa City, Iowa.  In 1979, I founded the Church of the Earth Nation.  We moved to Indiana in 1981 with the idea of forming a land-based community.


     Community turned out to be a great learning experience, but took other forms than I originally imagined.  In the 1990's until 2010, it worked best as the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui in which students came to stay for a week at a time in our beautiful homestead we call Wild Grace.  


     Throughout all of these changes, I packed in a fantastic amount of life experiences:  raising three children, going to college while doing so, writing books and learning everything from typesetting to publishing (before computers!), doing art fairs as a traveling artist, dancing whenever I could, learning the basics of homesteading, participating in healing workshops with numerous teachers, assisting at home births, performing marriage ceremonies, dealing with the death of loved ones and so much more.


     Perhaps you can see why I feel I can help others through just about anything.  I look forward to discovering how you and I are meant to come together and create yet another beautiful thing on this amazing planet.




"A map of the World that does not include utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which humanity is always heading."  Oscar Wilde



image of pine trees reflecting in pond

Nine Harmonies School

is the teaching path of

The Church of the Earth Nation

Our church is the land.  Our temples include our bodies, our homes and our planet Earth. 


Our roots go back to ancient indigenous spiritual practices. Our branches are the lives we build upon our individual and collective spiritual histories. Our flowering includes the art, ceremonies and celebrations we create wherever we are called.


Our Sacred Earth Celebrants assist people in going through all of life's challenges and major change situations with personal and group sessions.  


Carol Bridges is based in Nashville, Indiana, USA.  She can be reached at . 


Wendy Allen, Springfield, Illinois. Wendy is a Oneness Trainer who also performs ceremonies for weddings and other life events. Wendy is also an artist of mystical works which can be viewed at Wendy can be reached at


The Church of the Earth Nation, Inc. is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization, founded in 1979.  All donations are tax-deductible.




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