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Ahhh...sacred water

bridge quilt 202.JPG

Whatever underground pipes were frozen thawed today, and I again have running water in all the right places. That hot bath I just indulged in felt glorious. I seldom take water for granted here, as I am not hooked up to the city water supply. It comes from my pond.

When nature or some other unexpected force pushes us into another mode of behavior, it is a great opportunity to appreciate what is normally just a part of our daily routine. It seems that in my personal life, these surprises have happened pretty often.

Sometimes they have resulted in amazing experiences like the time I lost my way while climbing a path to the top of a 500 foot waterfall. And then it started to rain. There was no way to just go back down because the terrain had become very steep.

I tied my wet eyeglasses into my hair tie and started climbing straight up. I could see the top ledge where people were standing, but with the sound of the water, no one could hear my cries for help. Then, I saw two other people not far to my right, also lost and calling for help.

We maneuvered ourselves close enough to each other that we could give each other a boost. We finally made it to the top. I took the bus down to where my partner and son had been searching the bottom of the falls for my - hopefully still alive - body. Nothing puts you "in the moment" like hanging from a cliff!

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