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Health at the Center

I have recently read both Wheat Belly by William Davis and Grain Brain by David Perlmutter. I am reminded of the old Firesign Theatre line, "Everything you ever learned was wrong." These authors have convinced me that even whole grain breads are not the wondrously nutritious foods they once were. Dang! On the other hand, their encouragement to eat more yummy fats and other delicious foods got me to try this dietary approach. The convincers were wheat's connection to the increase in Alzheimer's, Diabetes, ADHD, Autism and numerous other dread diseases.

In the Feng Shui Bagua, Health, Earth and Spirit are at the very center. This is the portion of your health that YOU are in charge of, not your inheritance by birth. Our health is enhanced or decreased by our ongoing life decisions. Your spiritual attitude is of primary importance, and your interaction with the plentiful foods of Mother Earth play the other major role in your yin and yang of health. It is up to you to bring your body into balance with not only high intentions but also wise actions. Here is another link that might be helpful to you:

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