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Worldwide Awakening

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

"Take command." These are the words that came to me this morning. I have observed many distressed responses to the presidential election in the last few days. I know that some people are rejoicing. No need to address them. I believe that we all want many of the same things: a safe world, fair pay for our work, food on the table and a decent shelter. That's the bottom line.

We have been socialized to expect a great leader to provide these things. Often, when they were supplied, we fell asleep. That is, we stopped taking personal responsibility for our lives. As children, we let mom and dad do it. Then teachers, ministers, priests, doctors and government officials.

All along, their voices became more powerful as the tools of power - radio, TV, guns, tanks, computers, rockets, and now multi-media access to nearly everyone's once private information tech-tools - became louder, louder, louder until they were wired to our heads and into our neurological networks, our brains.

The external world mirrors our inner world. When our minds are filled with hate messages, greed and meaningless trivia, our group reality manifests both leaders and followers who exemplify that. Once upon a time, at least in our patriarchal mythology, there was a great leader who overcame all opponents with his armies. Those who taught "love your enemies" were quickly crucified.

In the mythology of matriarchies, cooperation ruled. It was a mother's intention to create safe space for her children, nourish them and create a loving home. Those of the strongest physical bodies did the heavy work of hunting, building and inventing what was needed to fill her vision. Tanks and bombs were not initially required. Information was shared around the campfire.

However, we are a wildly creative, unstoppably clever and fiercely determined species, especially once we think we are "right." I'm counting on this trait to continue, since historically speaking, it has never stopped. Humanity has never all taken the same turn at the same time. We are as diverse as the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms in our expressions of life.

Even Jesus said, "Go ahead, kill me, I'll be back." (I paraphrase, of course.) So, too, our inner female nature I refer to as the Living Goddess is invincible. She, like He, may be misunderstood, tortured, hung on a cross, burned at the stake, entombed with a boulder at the cave door, but She won't die.

It's up to you now to let Her come fully alive. And I might add, in case there are men in my audience, let Him come alive. Be the love you feel is needed. Be the fairness. Resurrect the Divine in yourself and put your highest ideals out there into the physical world.

You were born to do it. Take command!


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