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LSD. Let the Structure Dissolve.

No, this is not about ingesting the substance. Well, actually, it IS about not ingesting the substance of all of the things going on in the world right now. Be cautious, if not downright adamant about not ingesting all of the fear-based shouting and weeping that is going on. Over the years, we have become aware of toxins in just about everything, but less aware of toxic news stories.

We are in that period of what has been called "The End Times," "Earth Changes," "Global Transformation," "Ascension," and many other names in order to prepare us for what is taking place. Until the s--t hits the fan in our personal lives, however, we tend to pay little attention to predictions, good or bad, and hang on to our favorite activities.

Perhaps that is all we can do. Sri Bhagavan, spiritual mentor of the Oneness movement, says that we have no control over the waves of the mass consciousness. There is nothing to do about it. This is similar advice from many spiritual teachers throughout history. As Americans (and maybe others everywhere) we tend to think we can control everything.

There is something to be said for taking personal responsibility for one's life, but that just means taking the actions that you feel are best in the situations that present themselves to you personally in the moment. The moment is the fullness thereof. We each have different situations that confront us. We each have a unique set of skills to meet them.

The key is to stay in love. Love with a capital L. Boundless compassion for all that we encounter. If we each took care of our personal lives to the best of our abilities, I think that would take care of all of the "world problems." But, we get stuck hoping someone else will do the real work, the "big work." There really is no "big work." Only small, daily actions of one human being to another Or, a human to an animal, or a plant, or a structure.

"Do what you love" is not just about having fun every day or finding a job that doesn't kill your soul. It is about staying in that happy love energy. We have so many institutions crumbling right now (even while wondrous new things are being created), that the best advice I have heard from my Guiding Beings is, "LSD. Let the Structure Dissolve."

If you are in fear, it is going to be a "bad trip." If you are open to a new world being born, open to the mystery of ongoing creation, open to the is going to be alright...maybe even awesome. Behold. Be love. Be happy. And let the old structures dissolve while you creatively respond to that little piece that is in front of you right now. Yes, that. That is your only job. .

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