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Corona Virus Communication

On March 18, I was asked to channel a message from the Guiding Ones (spiritual helpers in a higher-frequency plain of existence). These Beings help us to understand what is going on in the world and in our private lives from the perspective of the Great Love we call God. The Guides, as I call them, explained to us that every species in existence has a consciousness, we might call it a soul. Each species cares for its own as best it can.

When a species has been targeted as "detrimental" to humankind, we humans have most often tried to kill that species. Some unusually empathic humans have always tried, instead, to befriend the species. Thus, in today's world we have what we call "animal communicators." We have certainly seen many people who have "a way" with plants. Luther Burbank is one of the most famous in this realm. Michaelle Small Wright is known for her loving work with even smaller beings, micro-organisms. These people recognize and work in harmony with the consciousness of the beings no matter what their size or shape.

The corona virus entities and all entities named as "disease" organisms have been under attack by human beings for centuries. These micro-organisms are themselves cooperative families simply doing what they were designed to do. Whether you say they were designed by God or by Creation or by Nature does not matter. They are here. And what we have learned thus far is that they are able to have a very strong effect on we humans.

It has been humanity's common action in response to any attacker to go to war with it. Kill or be killed. Most of modern medicine is designed to kill the "attacking" organism. There are other options. The Guides spoke of three choices we can make now with the corona virus. They are as follows:

1. Battle and Patch. We are very skilled at fighting and winning battles and at patching things up when the war is "won." We use our masks and our medicines and technology to defend, protect and repair. However, all battle and patch paths lead to choice #2.

Other creatures who were seen as our enemies attempt to recover and restore their own lives. It is the same with viruses. We say, "They mutate."

2. Sorrow. There are no wars without sorrow. We grieve the loss of our loved ones, the loss of our homes, our possessions, the lives we were living, and sometimes the damages we have done to our "enemies."

The people or creatures we have killed or harmed also grieve for their own kind. They, too, ponder how to arrange themselves so that they may thrive again.

3. Abide in Higher Consciousness.

Another choice is to come into union with the qualities that are of a loving nature. Call them what you will: angels, God, Guides, Divine Mother...names do not matter. It is the divine qualities that the Holy Ones emanate that we must bring through ourselves and share with all other earth beings.

How you do that will be your personal choice. The virus is giving us one more lesson in understanding that all things/all beings are connected. We are not separate. No walls can completely divide us. No quarantine can keep us immune forever. In fact, FEAR is the pathway that leads to the door of disease and destruction. The Earth will continue to provide this lesson until we learn it as a species or pass from existence.

What to do. Yes, wash your hands: avoid crowds for awhile; do your job as best you can. All the while, fill the mind with gratitude that you are still alive and most of your needs are being met. Meanwhile, show the planet some love in whatever way you can. Without fear. Surely, you can think of one more way to do that. It is time for a whole new way of life. You have what it takes, just ask your soul.

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