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person lifting child who holds up the earth

"Rise Up"

Art quilt by Carol Bridges provides an image of a mother lifting her child who holds the world in her hands.  We wish to pass on the teachings of how to enjoy and respect this earthly home so that it will continue for all future generations.

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Purpose Focusing


Those of us who are artists or in the holistic healing professions often have a difficult time bringing our work to the public. We might be shy or humble or afraid to fail or just not very adept at knowing how to put ourselves out there into the big world amidst the millions of other businesses clamoring for everyone's attention.


We hold values of wanting to live in a way that benefits the planet, that allows us to express our love and which honors our spirituality as well as earns us a living.  With all of the media available to us in this age of worldwide communication, it can be overwhelming to try to make choices and proceed in a clear direction.


There are many good teachers, excellent training programs and countless books available on every subject.  How does one know who is the best choice for oneself?  And where to begin?  Of course, your finances enter into the choice as well.


The only real guide is the one that is heard in the silence of your own self.  Just taking a walk, meditating, even a good nap and a day off from your usual "thinking" routine can be enough to bring you to that still place inside yourself.


Some call it the Heart. Some call it the Divine Presence.  Some call it Your Bliss.  Your happiness is truly an indicator.  If you find yourself consistantly distressed without an immediate cause, you are probably not "on purpose."  It is time to refocus and take that first step toward anything that brings back your sense of well-being.  Something immediate.


Yes, it could be an ice cream cone, but make sure while you have that treat to watch your thoughts.  If you find that the "sweet thing" brings "I shouldn't be...," go on to something that brings a deeper satisfaction. Just take the next step; it doesn't have to be a big one.


Keep following the good feelings up the ladder of contentment.  Whether it takes minutes, weeks or years doesn't matter because once on your own path, you can be confident that fulfillment is ahead.


If you take a look around your home right now, you will probably notice that it is giving you many clues as to what you love and what you no longer love. Chaos indicates that you are no longer satisfied with the life you are living. Over-the-top tidiness may imply that you are trying to control life so much that you are no longer having fun.  Heed your homes messages. 


Then, enlist the support you need.  Talk to friends who undestand your uniqueness.  Read books that inspire you.  Let go of the "bad news" junkies.  Breathe life into that deep, holy part of yourself that knows where your happiness lives.  It is always there. 



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