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elder and child image magically creating a nourishing world

"Grandmother and Little One

Create the New World"


"The Splendor of Love, Treats and Secrets Your Bedroom Holds"  

Partnering, What's It All About?


There are many kinds of partnering relationships: couples in love, deep friendships, co-operative co-workers, partners in community projects; perhaps even relationships with your companion animal could be considered partnerships.


A good partnership is a commitment to shared goals.  It may not be "until death do us part," but it is at least "until the project or time of life we are focusing on together is completed."  There is a mutual understanding that we will both do our very best to achieve our common goal through even the toughest parts of the process.


We are used to celebrating marriages with a beautiful ritual filled with heartfelt messages.  We create a special setting including our favorite music and food and gather all of the people who will be invested in our success.


Why limit ourselves to only one event in a special setting?  We can create a feeling of celebration in our living spaces for any special segment of our lives to which we intend to give our all for a certain period of time.  Any intensely focused journey you intend to embark upon usually requires the support of at least one other person (or animal or vehicle or tool).  Why not set a special "The Journey Begins" day and let your supporters know that their thoughts about your endeavor will be very important to your successful completion.


Whether they will be seeing you and your sailboat off on a long cruise or standing ready to confirm that they will be available for consultation when your new business venture seems shaky or you and your newlywed partner have a misunderstanding, the intentions that your family and friends hold during your engagement in the journey are very important.


In my quilt "Grandmother and Little One Create the New World," I have depicted the relationship of an elder passing on her wisdom and teaching the child some of the ways that he or she might create a life of joy and blessings for all.  This elder/child relationship is also a partnership, one that requires a great deal more respect and honoring than it is currently being given. Begin to create the spaces that support this world of love we all want. 


Start with a room in your home, your workspace, and then your community. It is never too late to begin creating supportive environments for loving relationships to be fostered. In the left-hand column on this page, you can get my course on The Splendor of Love, Treas and Secrets Your Bedroom Holds. Just click the button for instant access.

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