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can we sew peace by morning quilt

     This quilt is called "Can We Sew Peace By Morning."  I was given the image as I awoke one morning after learning of the war in Iraq.  The quilters are each expressing one of the many feelings we have when the world seems in trouble. Each one is sewing a sentiment onto their quilt of the new world of peace.  Their quilt is not yet finished (depicted by the hanging threads at the bottom) and the sun is rising.  

     I was also inspired by attending local Quilters Guild meetings where I saw how extremely compassionate and generous the women are, often donating their handiwork to those in hospitals or who have lost everything in some disaster.

     My quilt is about 4' square, is made by hand and machine with embroidery embellishment.  It hangs in my private collection.   

My Tribe Through Darkness

Comes Shining



When all is covered with dark lies

thick like debris from fallen towers

my people pick up hearts.


When all that is shown is tinted

with black greed and stained with blood

from false wars

my people wipe away tears


When even food is fake

and whole forests fall like leaves

and great ocean whales can barely breathe

my people still sing from the beach.

They sing a humble song

with full voices

crying out for the wisdom

any creature will share.


My people are reapers of the waste

of humankind,

willing to take anything tossed aside

and build with it a temple.


My people see in every scrap

a glimmer of the miracle

of creation to be brought forth through their hands.

Bring it on then, I say, let it all fall down

into our laps, into our receiving hands,

into our welcoming hearts.


We’ll make a new world out of anything

You give us.



Carol Bridges

December 19, 2004



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